GLC provides all services in both energy and environment fields. All services are customer-oriented to meet customer needs. Customers do not need to undertake the cost of company-to-company communication. At the same time, the spare parts are also manufactured and stored by our own factories, which not only reduces the cost of replacement, but also reduces the difficulty of maintenance. In GLC, we can meet your requirement through a complete range of services.


The renewable energy center Waste to Energy (WtE) has been actively established in Taiwan, mixed burning by biomass fuels such as wood pellets, palm shells, biogas, etc. EU countries and neighbor countries like Japan and S. Korea have already implemented to reduce carbon instead of using coal energy and nuclear power. In addition to the air pollution control system, we also actively develop combustion control technology to achieve cleaner exhaust emissions.


GLC has dedicated in Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) EPC Services for over 20 years experiences. Our technologies are ahead of the regulations, and the products we manufactured are qualified by large scale company over the world. GLC is one of the few companies that can provide one-stop shopping in the industry.

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